GRLLR Prime G4S – the ultimate 4 burner gas barbecue for the serious grill master! With its sleek design, powerful burners, and spacious cabinet and side burner, this top-of-the-line grill is guaranteed to impress your guests and elevate your outdoor cooking experience.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, the GRLLR Prime G4S boasts four powerful burners that deliver consistent heat across the entire cooking surface, ensuring perfect results every time. The spacious cabinet provides ample storage space for all your grilling essentials, while the convenient side burner allows you to cook up your favourite sides and sauces without ever having to leave the grill.

The GRLLR Prime G4S has been developed using the Grill Flow®-system. By channelling fats and oils away from the food and into a convenient fat cup below the grill surface, the Grill Flow® system ensures that your food cooks evenly and without the danger of sudden flare-ups. This means you can enjoy perfectly grilled meats, vegetables, and more, without having to constantly monitor the grill or worry about uneven cooking. As fewer residue fats and oils remain on the grill, the Grill Flow® system is developed to take the ease out of cleaning your precious BBQ.

With the ability to combine the GRLLR Prime G4S with any GRLLR Connect® unit, you can create the ultimate outdoor kitchen that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you’re a serious grill master or a casual cook, this versatile system lets you customize your outdoor cooking space for maximum convenience and functionality.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or a family dinner, the GRLLR Prime G4S has everything you need to make your next cookout a success. So why wait? Upgrade your outdoor cooking game today with the GRLLR Prime G4S – the ultimate gas barbecue for the serious grill master!