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Danijela & Dragana about the Serbian BBQ Culture

Serbia is located in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Its cuisine is a mix of influences from Greece, former Yugoslavia and the Mediterranean kitchens – an authentic Balkan country with a strong culinary tradition. BBQ has been present in the country for quite a while. However, it is not a hype, but more of a tradition.

Danijela Pantić and Dragana Latobljev share their BBQ recipes on Instagram at @recepti_za_srecu, which translates to “recipes for happiness”. We tuned in with Danijela to find out more about Serbian BBQ.

According to Danijela: “Serbians want to eat well, and the BBQ has been a signature of our country for years. BBQ brings people together to have a nice time with those you like and food you like, that’s double pleasure!”. Danijela is convinced that Serbian BBQ is one of the best in the world:” Our animals are fed with natural, you can say, almost organic, foods, that make the meat so tasty!”. 

BBQ isn’t a hype in Serbia, but more of a tradition: “You’ll find excellent BBQ meals in every restaurant here”. Some favourites are Ćevapi – cylinder shaped minced meat, Pljeskavica – similar to a burger, Kobasice – spicy sausages, Ražnjići – chunks of meat on a skewer and Vešalica – boneless pork meat. A popular dish from the South of Serbia is Leskovacki voz, which are various small dishes, served one by one to be fresh and warm. 

Danijela’s advice to BBQ fans? “Make sure you use good quality meat and put some love in your meal. And come visit Serbia to try our BBQ dishes. Everyone who visits us, comes back for sure!”.