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Danijela & Dragana about the Serbian BBQ Culture

Serbia is located in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Its cuisine is a mix of influences from Greece, former Yugoslavia and the Mediterranean kitchens – an authentic Balkan country with a strong culinary tradition. BBQ has been present in the country for quite a while. However, it is not a hype, but more of a tradition. […]

Let us take you on a journey of flavours through Europe

BBQ is booming! All over the world, more and more people are discovering what you can make with some fire and good food. And now, you will discover it in GRLLR Magazine. Because GRLLR Magazine takes you on a journey through Europe! You will read about the greatest passion of 12 established BBQ chefs from countries all […]

Interview with Gerben Bierbooms: CEO of GRLLR and BBQ enthusiast

Meet Gerben Bierbooms, the CEO and the mastermind behind GRLLR! For this short interview, I sat down with him to talk about his passion for BBQing, how GRLLR started and where it is going. Tune in to find out more about GRLLR’s mission directly from its founder! Hey Gerben, first of all, could you tell me […]